I just want to be Supported..

As life goes on, As I move on.. As time passes away, As I try to find out my way..
I come across the words which inspire, I listen to songs which speak of my desire..
Yet I change the song, I try skipping a thought, I try to forget what I haven’t got..
I wanna speak a lot, A lot I wanna share, I want someone who loves me, someone who wants to hear..
Yet I change the words, I don’t wanna cry, I want someone who inspires me to try..
someone who tells me that I’ll get what I want & He’s with me all along..
Someone who doesn’t say that I’m wrong & just leaves me alone..Image


When I Said Her Name..

I casually just said her name & then realised that I shouldn’t have..
I knew how he feels when it happens, but I just did it..
& I wish I could change it…the last one minute that just passed..
& then I heard a ‘pop’, “I still love her bro..”, He said..
I could see his picture in my FB chat, & a simple name I had just said..
Its not just a name for him, what I should do now…I was wondering..
And I said quickly, “Sorry bro, I shouldn’t have taken her name…”
“Its okay bro, this wasn’t your intention….cheer up 🙂 ” – He replied.

When You are not near and I’m Alone..

When you are not near..
I miss you,
When I miss you..
My eyes get wet,
When my eyes get wet..
I try hard for no tears,
When I realise my try..
Tears roll down,
When tears fall..
I wipe them with thumb,
When I wipe them..
I hate you,
I hate you coz I cry coz of you,
coz I cry for you..
coz I cry without you.,
coz I want you to wipe my tears
coz I cry for you
But you are nowhere
You are here….But you are not near
You are within…But you are not near..
In my dreams…But…..

Don’t Let Me Go..

In the middle of the rosewoods, when I part ways…

U stand there and something my heart says,

Neither do I listen nor do I turn around to gaze..

Thoughtless about how I would live the forthcoming days,

U don’t speak, I wonder what your mind says…

U stand there numb and I feel like I’m in a maze,

Wanna feel your heart, wanna hear what it says..

But u’re talented enough in hiding your pains,

This tears me apart, I can’t take more delays..

Moments are seized, like in the movies in greys,

U keep looking towards me, I’m going the other way..

All torn inside, I wanna know your state,

Decisions seem to be all made up as I’m walking away..

Inside I plead, “Hey baby, please make me stay..”

Coz living without U is like sailing in an endless salty ocean without a drop of sweet water..
Pull me back, girl..hug me tight, cry that U Love me..coz I Love U, I don’t want any other..!!


My dreams aren’t nightmares like most people’sdreams are to them.
My dreams are the source of my completehappiness….

the true happiness which has no”Conditions apply” sign!

My dreams are the way to meet her with myheart completely uncovered.
My dreams are the rides which take me to heaven…..

which take me away from everyone here, out of this world,

My dreams are the pictures I always wanna see moving around me.
My dreams are the songs which make me forget this whole world….

which make me forget all the sorrows, all worries, everything.

My dreams are the colourful chapters I never wanna finish.
My dreams are the God’s gifts which give me everything I want….

which give me the most unforgettable sweetest moments of my life.
My dreams giveme everything that I want….that I would ever wish for….
My dreams let me have U.

Just Say..

U don’t
have the right words…
for what U wanna say
& I know what U would say,
& U know
I found d exact words…
But I want these words to change….!

I can
just tell U that I know..
that what U wanna say
& make it an easy way,
But U know
that I Love U
& want U to feel the same..!!!